The problems associated with traditional decking systems are well known. Until now, there hasn’t been a viable solution.

Enter DeckMaster!

Based on a concealed fixing clip system and the use of Scrails to fasten them, the DeckMaster decking system offers many advantages over standard methods.

The stainless steel clips are inserted into groves in the decking board and fastened into place using a nail gun loaded with Scrails, the brilliant new fastener. This combination is stronger and more durable than traditional methods, and up to 60% faster than using a screw gun.

Concealed fixing system

Scrails are a innovative gun nail with a screw shank and a Phillips head which delivers added holding power while also allowing the Scrail to be withdrawn with a cordless screwdriver. In addition the Scrail has a highly developed coating system known as FASCOAT which is far more weather resistant than galvanised coatings. Fascoat surpasses the class 3 corrosion requirements.

Another Deskmaster innovation is the DeckBone end-matched joiner. The Deckbone joiner allows decking ends to be joined on or off a joist, saving time in measuring and cutting, and also considerably reducing waste. The two ends of the decking boards joined by the DeckBone fastener are held securely and are unable to twist and cause a trip hazard, as is the case with traditional methods. The DeckBone joiner creates a stronger, safer, more stable joint in less time, while saving precious resources. 

DeckBone End-matched Joiner

Decking boards splitting or twisting and nails popping up are a thing of the past when using DeckMaster fixing systems, suitable for both hardwood and composite decking. Being concealed it looks great, your customers are delighted, and it saves in installation time and reduces waste. Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

Download the DeskMaster brochure here: DeckMaster Brochure (PDF).