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If it’s the beauty and look of natural wood veneer you are looking for then our extensive range of decorative veneered panels will certainly impress you. Our range of species, appearances, sizes and thicknesses covers most of the more popular choices that are used in the industry.

However, if we don’t have what you are looking for in stock we can certainly get it for you, a service that many of our customers appreciate and rely on.

For more information on Natural Veneer we recommend going to our ‘links page’ and in particular to the ‘Timber Veneer Association of Australia’ link as there are so many considerations when selecting veneered products.

Timber Veneer Association Australia

We also have links below showing a vast range of timber species which are generally available to provide some guide to the general appearance and colour tones of the different species. As always with genuine timber products there are natural variations which occur, so it’s important to view the species you are interested in and talk to our sales consultants about the considerations when choosing veneer.


The majority of our Veneer is sold for curved plywood components e.g. chair seats, chair legs and other furniture components, with European Beech being recognised as the preferred veneer for high quality furniture laminations.

Rotary Veneer (various thicknesses), including:

  • Steamed European Beech (Fagus sylvatica)
  • Radiata Pine (Pinus Radiata)
  • Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii)
  • Phenolic Film Overlay Grades

Veneer Selection.

Click on any of the images below to view samples of the Opal Wood Veneer Collection in a new window. You can also right click on each image and ‘save link as …’ to save the PDF to your computer for later viewing or printing.

Timber Species 1 -10

Timber Species 31 -40

Timber Species 11 – 20

Timber Species 41 – 50

Timber Species 21 -30

Timber Species 51 -60