Australian Timbers

Quality and Service Since 1932

In recognising what a significant achievement it is to maintain a major position in the timber industry in Australia for over 85 years, we need to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of the Late Conrad Otto. The foresight of the Founder, Mr Georg Berhard (Ben) Otto; the vigilance of Mr Carl Schulz; and the sales skill of Mr M S (Matt) Mathias also warrants our gratitude. Their efforts and those of many others provided a significant platform from which we have been able to maintain the business.

During this time Australian Timbers has been wonderfully supported by a large number of loyal customers and reliable suppliers. Without these companies Australian Timbers would simply not exist today.

There are many aspects that make a company successful over such a long period. While recognising that success is reliant on customers and suppliers, it is the efforts of one’s own team that develops and maintains the excellent reputation within the industry. There are many past and present members of Australian Timbers team whose contribution has been remarkable. In the main, our products, customer base and suppliers are not unique, but our team is: these people create the ultimate differentiation between us and our competitors. The shareholders and management may provide the body, but it is the team who continues to provide the heart and soul of the company!

While our history is important, it is our future that is vital. This is true for customers, suppliers, shareholders and staff alike. It would be an unacceptable waste of the efforts of our predecessors if we did not further advance and enhance our invaluable reputation and maximise our opportunities.

Business is a very challenging environment these days and although we have often heard said it is far more difficult than in the past, we do not consider it is about being more difficult but being different. So we continue to change and to ensure we remain relevant and continue to maintain an attractive service offer to our customers.

However we know we can still rely on the Australian Timber’s basic principle. That is: good old-fashioned customer service!