Versatile, Durable and ultimately, just right.


The sophisticated range of colours and woodgrains delivers an authentic appeal, in a choice of finishes that include smooth, lightly textured, shiny gloss and embossed woodgrain, to enhance both residential and commercial cabinetry applications.


A pre-finished product that successfully delivers a cost-effective option for a modern look, COLOURpyne Melamine is a progressive approach to design. Characteristics selected with an eye for quality and permanence are balanced with an independence of spirit. COLOURpyne melamine is durable, hygienic and low maintenance.

COLOURpyne Melamine doors and panels are Australian made and come with a 7 year warranty, giving you peace of mind. In addition to domestic internal joinery, COLOURpyne is also ideally suitable for many interior commercial applications. Such applications include, but are not limited to, hospitality, retail, aged care, commercial furniture and fit-out, and educational furniture. The COLOURpyne commercial melamine board range allows for extensive design opportunities to suit any commercial environment.


MaterialLPM Board
Thickness16, 18, 25, 32 and 33mm (Nominal)
Sizes2400 x 1200mm (Nominal)

2400 x 1800mm (Nominal)

3600 x 1800mm (Nominal)
ApplicationsDoors, Partitions, Vertical Surfaces

Colours and Finishes

Melamine Colour Range and Finishes

Elegant, practical and versatile COLOURpyne® is a tough, scratch resistant and hygienic surface which can be used on cupboards, shelves, pantries and cabinets, storage units, bathroom cabinetry, laundry cabinets, wardrobes, general shelving, and much more. Melamine technology ensures high quality, durable panels available in a variety of colours.


The COLOURpyne® range features a palette of contemporary and classic prints from solid and special colours to authentic woodgrains, including leading edge colours featured in our Naturale Range.

Surface Finishes

Changing the look of your COLOURpyne® Melamine can be as simple as changing the surface finish*.


A smooth, shiny finish.


A lightly textured orange peel like surface.


An embossed natural woodgrain like surface.


A delicate eggshell surface.

* Not all colours are available in all finishes.

COLOURpyne® Gloss

COLOURpyne’s Gloss finish combines a stunning smooth surface with a medium level of sheen, adding a level of opulance to residential and commercial design. Gloss is perfect for everyday living, with easy cleaning and maintenance.

COLOURpyne® Decor

The COLOURpyne range features a palette of contemporary and classic prints from solid to authentic woodgrains, including leading edge timberprints featured in the Naturale Range.

COLOURpyne® Naturale

Together with melamine durable and maintenance free properties, this woodgrain embossed finish is designed to match the look, feel and warmth of authentic timber veneer at an affordable price. Matching Naturale finished edging is supplied for a completely natural look to your joinery and furniture.

COLOURpyne® Velvet

The COLOURpyne range features a palette of contemporary and classic prints from solid to authentic woodgrains, including leading edge timber prints featured in the Naturale Range.

COLOURpyne® Melamine Standard Stocked Range

2400x1200x16mm Moisture Resistant Particleboard2400x1200x16mm Moisture Resistant MDF
All Colours in Velvet FinishAll Colours in Velvet Finish
Naturale Finish – All Naturale RangeNaturale Finish – All Naturale Range
Décor Finish – Accent White, Almond Sand, Antique White, Black, CHH White, Chintz, Folkstone, New Antique WhiteDécor Finish – Accent White, Almond Sand, Antique White, Black, CHH White, Chintz, Folkstone, New Antique White
Gloss Finish – Accent White, Almond Sand, Alpine White


COLOURpyne gloss combines a stunning and hygienic shiny surface with a medium gloss level at an affordable price.

If wipe marks are noticeable on COLOURpyne Gloss melamine surface finish it is generally due to greasy residue that has been left on the surface in the cleaning process.

To remove, methylated spirits or Windex glass cleaner can be used. It is recommended to do a final wipe over with soapy water and a dry clean cloth to remove any residue and restore the Gloss appearance.

Never use abrasive cleaners or powders, abrasive pads or steel wool.

To avoid marking or scratching the Gloss surface make sure the cleaning cloth does not contain any hard or foreign particles.

Due to the gloss reflective surface, some imperfections may be noticed in the surface due to slight substrate variation, contamination from packaging and transport, and marking of the surface from handling. This is inherent with the gloss surface. CHH gloss is also supplied1 with protective film on the top side of the panel. Although application of the protective film is intended to provide some protection to the gloss surface, it is possible that contamination can be trapped between the film and gloss surface. Whilst CHH take precautions to minimise the occurrence of this, it is not completely unavoidable. It is therefore both necessary and recommended that the gloss surface is inspected by the joiner to identify any defects on the intended work piece surface.

1 Alpine White gloss is not filmed.

COLOURpyne® Melamine Substrates and Sizes

1200 Range
SubstrateNominal Sheet Size (mm)Nominal Finished Thickness (mm)
Moisture Resistant Particleboard 2400 x 1200
3600 x 1200
Standard Particleboard2400 x 1200
3600 x 1200
Moisture Resistant MDF2400 x 1200
3600 x 1200
Standard MDF2400 x 1200
3600 x 1200

Not all colours are available in all sizes. Please refer to to confirm colour, finish and size availability.


COLOURpyne® is available in a number of sizes and substrates. Some substrates, colours and sizes are made to order so longer lead times and minimum order quantities apply.

Restrictions On Use

COLOURpyne Melamine should not be used in areas where it will be exposed to high moisture levels, for example, as wall linings for exteriors, for wet areas in regular contact with water, or for bench tops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Edge Finishing

COLOURpyne board can be finished with Melamine or rigid edge tape. The COLOURpyne colour and finish range is matched with 1mm thick ABS edging for 16mm and 18mm thick board. Matching edging is also available for the COLOURpyne commercial range 25mm and 33mm thick board. Refer to for availability.

E0 Credentials

All COLOURpyne colours are available on lower formaldehyde emission level E0 substrate to contribute to superior air quality and a healthier working environment. All COLOURpyne MDF substrate is E0. COLOURpyne Particleboard E0 substrate is available made to order. Speak to your CHH Pinepanels representative for more information on the benefits of using COLOURpyne E0.

Materials Data

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Keeping your COLOURpyne® Melamine surfaces clean is easy. Regular cleaning simply involves wiping with a clean, damp cloth.

Stubborn Grease and Grime

To clean off grimy film, use vinegar diluted with water or Selleys Sugar Soap.

Spills and Stains

The most important thing is to catch the stain early. Wiping it with hot soapy water is the first thing to try, however for tougher stains we recommend trying:

Wine hot soapy water

Rust diluted vinegar or lemon juice

Shoe polish diluted vinegar or lemon juice

Oven cleaner hot soapy water

Tea all-purpose surface cleaner

Foodstuffs all-purpose surface cleaner

Fabric dye cold water, wipe dry, then use methylated spirits

Felt pen methylated spirits or acetone

Paint/glue acetone

Heavy wax & grease xylene

Hair/leather dye methylated spirits

After using the solutions recommended above, always wipe with a damp cloth, then a dry cloth.

Never use abrasive cleaners or abrasive cleaning cloths, such as wire wool scourer pads, copper cleaner pads or sandpaper, on your COLOURpyne Melamine surfaces.

We also recommend caution in using bleach and alcohol-based cleaners. Dilute bleach (1 part bleach/ 3 parts water).

Save Work Practices

Work and storage areas should be well ventilated, and cleaned regularly. Wood dust should be removed by vacuum cleaning or by the wet sweeping method – not by compressed air systems. All sawing, sanding and machining equipment should be fitted with efficient dust extraction systems. Hand power tools should be fitted with dust bags. If skin irritations occur, long-sleeved shirts, trousers and comfortable work gloves should be worn. For respiratory protection, respirators/dust masks should be worn. These should comply with AS/NZS 1716. Safety glasses should be worn when machining substrates. Eye protection must conform to AS/NZS 1337. As a reconstituted panel product made from wood, resin and wax, users should be aware that as with all wood and timber products, prolonged exposure to wood dust and/or formaldehyde from MDF or particleboard may be harmful to your health. For more information please refer to the relevant COLOURpyne Material Safety Data Sheet at

Chain of Custody

CHH Pinepanels uses PEFC Chain of Custody (C of C) certification to ensure that the vast majority of wood in COLOURpyne products is legally sourced from sustainably managed forests. Documentation is available at


Carter Holt Harvey Pinepanels is committed to an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. It is an intrinsic part of our manufacturing and overall business ethos, with decisions made so that they have minimum negative impact on the environment;

Australian Forestry Standard

Our product is manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine and is Australian Forestry Standard Chain of Custody certified;


We manage waste responsibly through numerous recycling programs, including waste timber such as saw dust being recycled back into energy. We subscribe to local Government initiatives and voluntary audits, as well as our own internal environmental sustainable initiatives.