Concealed panel fixing made easy.

ShadowFIX is a concealed fixing system for plywood panels utilising a patented plastic tongue design, countersunk screws and Tec7 X-Tack Glue.


  • Easy to install

  • No face fixings

  • Perfect 10mm shadow line.

Materials Data

  • Framing set out must be at 2410 x 1210 centres
  • shadowFIX plastic tongue is supplied in 2440mm lengths, pre-drilled and countersunk at 600mm spacings
  • Screws are supplied – 8G 25mm, countersunk Phillips head, marine grade stainless, black painted head and self tapping so you can simply screw straight into timber stud with no fuss
  • Tec7 X-Tack Glue is used in the centre of the panel
  • Toggle lock system to easily set the 10mm gap
  • A router bit is available to purchase to accurately groove any on-site cuts
  • Edge sealer is also available in 6 different ariaply colours for the use on raw edges due to on-site cutting.

shadowFIX is only recommended with timber batons.