• Extra Strong
  • Anti-warp
  • Supa Flex

Why Choose Evowood Hardboard?

Extra Strong

Evowood Original Hardboard boasts a much higher tensile strength, structural strength and internal bond than other substitutes on the markets(MDF & HDF). It is also durable, resistant to abrasions and will not split, splinter or crack.

Anti Warp

Evowood Original Hardboard is denser than other thin boards substitutes on the market(MDF & HDF). making it less prone to warping while still remaining lightweight.

Easy Wipe

Evowood Original Hardboard is easy to clean. Simply use mild soapy water to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the hardboard. Evowood Original Hardboard also has a smooth surface for paint finishes.

Supa Flex

Inherently flexible without compromising on durability. Evosure Original can be easily bend and curved into shape as necessary, making it suitable for variety of applications.


Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating and are manufactured in accordance with FSC regulations using natural binders.



Built In Cupboards

Case Goods

Site Office Interiors

Exterior Cladding



Posters / Picture Backs

Automotive Interiors

Internal & External Doors

Flooring (Underlay)


Wall Panelling

Shop Fitting

Garden Sheds

Materials Data

Nominal Thicknessmm3.24.86.4
Thickness Tolerancemm +/-
Masskg/m³ approx3.24.86.4
Densitykg/m³ max960960960
Linear Expansion/Contraction in Range 33% to 90% RH @20ºC%
Thermal Conductivity (k)W/MºC Av0.140.140.14
Thermal Resistance (R)M2ºC/W Av0.2250.0340.046
Bending Strength (M.O.R.)
Modular of Rupture
MPa min505050
Internal Bond StrengthMPa min1.01.01.0
Shear ResistanceMPa Av404040
Lateral Nail Holding Ability (using a 3mm diameter pin)N/mm Thick min125125125
Water Absorption After 24 Hrs
Immersion at 20ºC
% max242015
Thickness Increase After 24 Hrs in Water at 20ºC% max161614
Thickness Increase from 33% to 90% RH at 20ºC% max777

Size Specifications: 5490×1220, 4880×1220, 4270×1220, 3660×1220, 3050×1220, 2745×1220, 2440×1220, 1830×1220, 2750×1700