• Lightweight
  • Vesatile
  • Green credentials

Why Choose Softboard?

Light Weight

Softboard is a low density, high quality fibreboard that is lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install


Able to fulfill a variety of different applications, Softboard can be used in a multitude of ways such as display boards, office screens or packaging, for example.

Cellular Nature

The cellular nature of Softboard makes it an effective insulate of both heat and sound.

Thermal Conductivity

An effective insulate, Softboard is popular for ceiling insulation due to its excellent thermal retaining properties.

Sound Insulation

Softboard is also an effective sound insulator and is commonly used as acoustic enhancing screens, acoustic floor underlay and wall linings.


Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating and are manufactured in accordance with FSC regulations using natural binders

General Uses for Softboard

  • Insulation Ceiling Boards
  • Wall Linings
  • Flooring Acoustic Underlay
  • Protective Packaging
  • Protective Covering Boards of High Cost Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces on Building Projects
  • Display Boards
  • Office Screens
  • Pin Boards
  • Backing Boards
  • Cake Boards
  • Expansion Joints
  • Firelighters

Materials Data for Softboard

Nominal Thicknessmm13.0
Thickness Tolerancemm +/-0.7
Masskg/m³ approx3.2
Densitykg/m³ max400
Linear expansion/Contraction in Range 33% to 90% RH @20ºC% max0.5
Thermal Conductivity(k)
W/MºC max
Thermal Resistance(R)
M2ºC/W Av

Size Specifications: 1220×1830, 1220×2440, 1220×3050, 1220×3660, 1200×4880